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          Estates and Infrastructure Committee

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          The Committee is responsible for shaping and overseeing the strategy, policy and direction pertaining to the physical and virtual estate.

          Through its discussions and decision-making, it will ensure Council realises its commitment to achieving equality and diversity throughout the College.

          Terms of reference


          The Committee has delegated authority from Council to:

          1. Review strategy
          2. Oversee the development of policy
          3. Monitor the effectiveness of Estates and Infrastructure strategy


          1. To consider strategic planning and policy development matters relating to the College physical and virtual estate and to the provision of student accommodation (whether in Goldsmiths' buildings or not), and to make recommendations to Council as appropriate
          2. To monitor the delivery of aspects of approved College strategy relating to the College estate and infrastructure and the provision of student accommodation
          3. To comment on the approach proposed by the Senior Management Team to prioritisation within the capital programme for the estate and infrastructure, together with the draft programme for the following year, in advance of consideration by Finance and Resources Committee and Council


          1. Terms of office, for those non ex-officio members, shall be for three years, renewable for three further years
          2. Members shall receive an induction to working on the committee before attending the first meeting
          3. The committee shall have three meetings every year, which will be timetabled on an annual basis and will take account of the schedule for Council meetings to ensure appropriate reporting
          4. The minutes, agendas and papers for each meeting shall be sent to members at least five working days in advance of meetings. Only exceptionally and with the agreement of the Chair will papers be tabled at meetings
          5. The quorum of the Committee shall be as set out in Paragraph 4 of the Standing Orders


          1. An annual report is produced by the Chair for submission to Council after the summer meeting of the Estates and Infrastructure Committee each year.  This report is received formally by this Committee in the following Autumn’s meeting
          2. This Committee receives yearly (or termly if required) reports from the Space Management Review Group and the Environment and Sustainability Review Group
          3. This Committee regularly forwards, as appropriate papers to other Committees, for example Finance and Resources Committee and External Relations Committee


          An independent Chair appointed by Council Mr Ian Borman to 2022 (eot)
          Registrar and Secretary Ms Helen Watson ex officio
          Director of Estates and Facilities Ms Jeanette Batten ex officio
          3 members of the academic staff, who must be Heads of Department at the time of appointment, or be in another management position in the College vacancy  
          Mr Simon Deacon (Music) to 2021
          A sabbatical officer of the Students' Union, or, in default, a delegate with the approval of the Committee Mr Joe Leam ex officio
          Additional place to be filled by an independent, staff or student member at the discretion of Council vacancy to 2019
          Chief Information Officer Ms Lynne Tucker ex officio
          Secretary Ms Giorgia Cowan  

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          For minutes please contact governance@gold.ac.uk


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