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          Health and Safety Committee

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          Health and Safety Committee [HSC] has oversight of, monitors and reviews the effectiveness of the College’s policies and activities as they pertain to matters of health and safety. Equality and diversity shall be considered in all aspects of its discussion and decision-making.

          Terms of reference


          The committee has delegated authority from Council to:

          1. Oversee, monitor, review and advise in relation to matters pertaining to health and safety at the College
          2. To receive reports concerning health and safety matters from the relevant officers of the College


          1. To monitor and review the effectiveness of College policies relating to health and safety, and to facilitate their implementation
          2. To monitor the effective delivery of good training, communication and publicity with respect to health and safety throughout the College, and to bring any deficiencies to the attention of Council
          3. To consider and advise Council on College policies relating to health, safety and fire and on compliance with current and impending health and safety legislation
          4. To receive reports by the Environment and Sustainability Review Group which have implications for the College's discharge of its obligations under health and safety legislation
          5. In pursuance of the above tasks, to receive reports:
            1. On accidents, near misses, dangerous occurrences and occupational ill-health, (whether being notified or not), and statistics relating to such incidents
            2. On inspections, investigations, consultations and correspondence carried out by the Safety Officer and by Union Safety Representatives
            3. On health and safety issues generally on an annual basis, from the Head of Health and Safety and from each Department
            4. From enforcement agencies and regulatory authorities

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          1. Terms of office for non ex-officio members shall be three years, renewable for three further years
          2. Members shall receive an induction to working on the committee before attending the first meeting
          3. The committee shall have three meetings per year, which will be timetabled on an annual basis and will take account of the schedule of meetings for the Estates and Infrastructure Committee and the Council to ensure appropriate reporting
          4. The minutes, agendas and papers for each meeting shall be sent to members at least ten working days in advance. Only exceptionally and with the agreement of the Chair will papers be tabled at meetings
          5. The quorum of the Committee shall be as set out in Paragraph 4 of the Standing Orders
          6. The Health and Safety Committee is constituted in accordance with the College's statutory obligations, which include specific requirements relating to consultation between Management and Trades Union Safety Representatives, who must be equal in number in the membership of the Committee


          The committee regularly reports to Council by circulating the minutes of each meeting and by producing periodic reports.



          Warden Professor Frances Corner ex officio

          Management Representatives (voting)

          Registrar and Secretary (Deputy Chair) Ms Helen Watson ex officio
          Director of Estates and Facilities Ms Jeanette Batten ex officio
          Director of Human Resources Ms Carol Ford ex officio
          Associate Director (Student Suport Services) Ms Sue Tarhan ex officio
          One member of the Professional Staff (normally from a technical background) Mr Konstantin Leonenko to 2020
          One member of the academic staff Mr Bernard Walsh to 2021 (eot)

          Trades Union Safety Representatives (voting)

          Two appointed by each of: UNISON; UCU; Students' Union (6 in total)

          UNISON Mr Patrick Dowson ex officio
          UNISON Ms Elaine Medley ex officio
          UCU Dr Ida Pu ex officio
          UCU Ms Amanda Kipling ex officio
          GSU* Mr Ed Nedjari to 2020
          GSU* Ms Beth Lowe to 2020

          * Sabbatical officer of Goldsmiths Students' Union, or, in default, a delegate approved by Committee

          Non-Voting Members

          Head of Health and Safety Mr Raj Sajada ex officio
          Head of Maintenance and Engineering Mr Gerry Vermeulen ex officio

          Others in attendance as required

          Head of Accommodation Services Mr Rocchi Acierno ex officio
          Health and Safety Officer  Ms Anita Bellinger ex officio
          Fire Safety Adviser (interim) Mr Martin Weddell ex officio
          Members of staff working in technical areas, appointed by the Registrar and Secretary from time to time to advise the Committee on particular issues vacancy n/a
          Secretary Ms Giorgia Cowan  

          Terms of office on committees are for three years, renewable for three further years. If the letters "eot" appear against a person's name in a membership listing, this indicates that he or she will reach the maximum term as a member of the body concerned on 31 August in the year specified.


          For minutes please contact governance@gold.ac.uk

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